Welcome to our class wiki!

This science wiki activity is intentionally about discovery and experimentation, rather than "doing it right." Hopefully all our participants will make connections and become inspired along the way. Learning is messy, and "mistakes" often lead to new understandings!


  1. Understand that this site is an extension of school. All school rules apply, even if you come to this site when you are not at school.
  2. Use the name that you were assigned by your teacher.
  3. Never, ever, put your last name on this site.
  4. Never, ever, put your e-mail address, home address, phone number nor any other means of contact on this site.
  5. Never make any changes or add any sorts of content to the site that are inappropriate.
  6. Do not make changes to this site that are outside the instructions and intent of this wiki.

Lets Get Started

1. First lets get oriented with what exactly a wiki is and what it can do for us. Go to the Introduction to Wikis link in the left hand column. Read through the page and complete the assigned task.

2. Second go to the Creative Commons Activity to follow up with current copyright information. Read the page and complete the assigned task.

3. Third go to the fascience Sandbox to play around with the various tools: adding text, saving information, adding a link, embedding a picture, adding a video, etc.

The best way to gain experience working in a wiki is to... um... work in a wiki.

image by thawizard
image by thawizard

image by thawizard

image by thawizard

Most wikis have a special page called a sandbox. The sandbox is a designated area where new users can "play around" with wiki formatting, features and editing.

To get started visit our wiki fascience sandbox and read the instructions on the front page.