Parts of the Sandcastle

(or, for you literal types - the stuff you need to do):
  1. Sign in. Be sure to use you cheat sheet to help you with each task and I'll also be available for questions.
  2. Create a new page titling it with only your first name.
  3. Hit edit to add your additions to the page. Have fun and make small edits -- that means save the page every few minutes, then click Edit this Page to begin editing again! You do not have to complete your page all in one sitting, because you can edit it at any time, from any computer with Internet access.
  4. Add your name as a title to this page.
  5. Add a link on this page from an Internet site you like to visit for fun. FABotany They have some great slide shows that you might want to look at to incorporate into you wikipage.
  6. Embed a video from youtube or another site. Just beware of copyrighted material.
  7. Upload a picture of your choice. If you are uploading from the Internet make sure it is not copyrighted. Flikris one site that tells you what picture is and is not copyrighted. Go to the status bar at the bottom right side of the page. You can click copyright status to find out more information. You can upload one of your own pictures too!
For example:
This Vale of Tears by e³°°°
This Vale of Tears by e³°°°

8. View other students work and comment on their work using the Discussion tab.

Wikispaces Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
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external image pdf.png